The Search for Our National Symbols

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The Story

It's National Loyalty Week in 1959 Singapore, and the National Symbols have gone missing! Only you can help Inspector Kay to find them!

National Loyalty Week was held from 3 - 10 December 1959, when Singapore had just become a self-governing state. Organised to encourage a sense of loyalty amongst the diverse citizens of the new state of Singapore, the event was where the Singapore National Symbols comprising the National Anthem, the National Flag, and the State Crest were presented to the general public for the first time.

You seem to have been thrown back in time, and the policeman, Inspector Kay, tells you that you are the only one who can help him! Just before the ceremony happening today, the three National Symbols -- the music score for the National Anthem, the National Flag, and the State Crest -- were taken away by the notorious Professor Chronicle, and are currently missing!

Inspector Kay shows you a note, left behind by the thief.
Some things are missing,
What could they be?
I'm sure you've guessed,
it's the Symbols, three!

If you want to find them,
Just use your mind.
Behind confusing puzzles
the symbols you'll find!
     - Professor Chronicle

On the back of the note is a hand-drawn map, with three buildings marked with a star. Inspector Kay thinks the symbols might be in the marked buildings: the Town Hall (now known as Victoria Theatre) and the Legislative Assembly House (now known as the Arts House), and in City Hall (now part of the National Gallery). Search the buildings as Inspector Kay's assistant and return the missing items to where they belong!

How to Play

Look around the scenes of each game (drag with your mouse or finger) and tap on information spots to learn more about the history of these buildings. Along the way, you'll find puzzles to solve before you can move on. Happy playing!


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